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“Their tunes might recall something by a wine-whipped country string band… one moment and then a bluesy-woozy outtake from Tom Waits’ Bone Machine the next, and they have no qualms about wailing a teary ballad at the drop of a Stetson. The Silver Hearts don’t need to wear tin sheriff’s deputy badges to set themselves apart. When you travel in a 14-strong posse dressed in matching black suits, you tend to stand out in a crowd.”

– Tim Perlich, Now Magazine

Golden Favourites – November 2016

Sciurus Vulgaris (Bootlegs) – November 2013

Live at the Gordon Best Theatre – December 2000

 No Place – January 2003
Voted Best Album of the Year and the live CBC show (broadcast from and recorded at Harbourfront Centre) voted best show of 2002 by CBC’s Bandwidth

Our Precious City – January 2004

The Silver Hearts Play Rain Dogs (Live) – January 2005

 Dear Stranger – January 2006